On La Graciosa you’ll have the chance to dive in the magnificent Chinijo Archipelago Marine Reserve, the largest marine reserve in Europe.

Its isolated situation in the ocean helps it to be frequented by diverse migratory species. Some of the best Spanish and European underwater panoramic can be found here in La Graciosa.

Once we have decide to dive into these privileged waters, numerous possibilities are offered in La Graciosa. A water baptism could be a good way to trying it for the first time, but if we really wish to submerge into these sub aquatic landscapes, unique in the world, we recommend you to get our profesional advice. Should you require further information. Let us know.


El Canal: between Alegranza and the Roque del Oeste, there ia a 25-30 meters deep platform, with a 35-40 meter big void where large quantities of species live within its cavities. Here big sized groupers, codfish and medregals proliferate, as well as red, yellow and white gorgonians.

Montaña Amarilla: southwest of La Graciosa, next to Punta del Pobre and near the coast there is a deepening of approximately 12m depth that while we move away situates itself perpendicularly to the coast untitl it reaches 20m. This deepening is formed byb stony slabs on sandy bottom where there is a great abundance of fish, specially seifis, red mullets, dogfish and Canarian lobsters.

Alegranza: upon arrival we can already appreciate the abundance of its seaborard. From the boat we can see good size crabs and limpet mussels. To dive in those waters is a privilege specially since the Marine Reserve has been founded. Special documentation from the Canarian Government is required to investigate this area in those sub aquatic landscapes we shall be surprised by large colonies of gorgonians on points of very strong current. Fixed to the rocks they depend on thenourishment they receive throught the water. The commercial fishing ban in this restricted area allows the fish to reproduce at ease, enriching the waters in quantity and variety. Fish like the labridos which in other area have disappeared are as abundant as the red mullets which with their tactile beards anxiously search for nouristhmente in the sandy depths.

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