EL ASCENSOR (The elevator)

Trip into the Bowels of the Volcano

The island’s spectacular volcanic nature gives us a sculpted landscape completely different on this dive and shows us a magnificent volcanic channel that we can travel through as if it were an elevator. This wide cave enjoys an infinite amount of skylights that create a unique atmosphere. In this dive area, there are other sites worth visiting such as the Ascensor Chico (Small Elevator) or Puerto Moro (Moor Port), which are characterized by volcanic landscapes with caves, tunnels and large arches.There are two possible routes from the point of entry. The first one takes us to Ascensor Grande (Large Elevator).We find it by swimming nearly 200 meters with a heading of 170º. This volcanic channel descends from 15 m down to 30 m and has several windows along the route that light up the interior. On its walls, blanketed in sponges, are hidden a great amount of narval shrimp. This dive requires advanced level diving.The second route takes us to an area known as Puerto Moro (Moor Port) and Ascensor Chico (Small Elevator).By swimming 100 m with a heading of 65º, we come downward to a rock protruding from the water. This is a very interesting alternative for less experienced divers as there is a spectacular cave under it, as well as passageways and arches. Continuing on another 30 m, a small volcanic channel shorter than 10 m long can be found with several skylights as well.

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Total duration: 3 hours

Area: Haría

Depth: 0 -40 m.

Time: Morning or afternoon

Level: Medium

Water temperature: 17º-24º

Access: By land

Visibility: ± 20 m.


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