One Wall, Infinite Dives

Playa Chica is ideal for all types of diving – the shallow areas are perfect decompression stops for advanced divers that want to go down into the depths of the numerous spectacular dives that can be done from this site. Caves, underwater cliffs, volcanic channels, deep water coral, sharks and even unexpected encounters with whales are possible at Playa Chica. This is Lanzarote’s premier dive site.

Big wall lovers can enjoy several routes near the coast, given that past the slight sand slope there is a cliff or drop off that goes down more than 45 m. The rock is carpeted with a colorful blanket of sponges where such amazing animals live, like dusky groupers, orange coral and deep sea shrimp. It is also an ideal place to get a glimpse of pelagic species.

Exploring the cliff towards the east, we will find a memorial plaque and some ashes. Continuing down the wall, a small shipwreck emerges from the blue, where the enormous grouper fish, known as Felix, tends to prowl. We can go up from here to return to Playa Chica.  


Total duration: 2 hours

Area: Puerto del Carmen

Depth: 0 -40m

Time: Morning or afternoon

Level: Low

Water temperature: 17º-24º

Access: Shore or Boat

Visibility: ± 20 m.



Inmersiones Lanzarote Veril de Playa Chica

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