Window into the Deep

This is one of the most famous dives in Puerto del Carmen, maybe because of the adventure factor that it offers. The Agujero Azul (Blue Hole) is a tunnel that connects the sandy shallow area to the cliff that descends into stunning depths.

Practically every animal can be seen on this dive, from sea horses all lined up at the bottom to angel sharks and large stingrays; some lucky divers may even encounter the majestic manta rays. Without a doubt, this is a dive that deserves to be repeated.

The most common way to do this dive is from land. Going in from the stairs off the little pier at Playa Chica, we explore the shallow area that is always packed with schools of fish. From there, we go down to the big underwater dunes, cross the field of gardner eels over to the entrance of the Agujero Azul (the Blue Hole), a small tunnel that is short and a very enjoyable swim through sand and out into open water. There are several interesting caves and cavities along the cliff to look for life, from swarms of narval shrimp to a small tree coral and all kinds of fish. This is also an ideal place for pelagic observation, which is why you should not lose sight of the deep blue.



Total duration: 2 hours

Area: Puerto del Carmen

Depth: 0 -35 m.

Time: Morning or afternoon

Level: Medium

Water temperature: 17º-24º

Access:Shore or Boat

Visibility: ± 20 m.



Inmersiones Lanzarote El agujero azul

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