Life Goes On

Opposite the lighthouse, an immense mass of rock rises up from the sand looking like a huge pyramid that begins at a depth of 50 m and rises up to 20 m. The existence of this great rock structure, tied to the strong currents known to the area, make life that swims freely in open water congregate at this spot. This is why this dive is ideal for observing tiny plankton, as well as, large swimming animals that travel through the Atlantic.

This is an ideal dive to be done adrift. The strong currents and the depth in the area always require adequate planning. Because of the symmetry of the slope, we can decide what face to descend and which one to ascend, without forgetting that the biggest surprises found in this area can appear in open water.



Total duration: 3 hours

Area: Playa blanca

Depth: 20 – +40

Time: Morning or afternoon

Level: High

Water temperature: 17º-24º

Access: Boat

Visibility: ± 20 m.


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