A Battle Won by Fish

These three fishing boats are made out of wood and were built during the last century with the intention of taking to the oceans to steal fish from it; paradoxically, they have ended their days at the bottom of the ocean, housing the creatures that were in times past its prey. The two shallowest boats are found almost completely intact. Contrary to this, the deepest one has a ghostly appearance, with its framing coming out of the keel like the ribs of a spinal column.The turquoise blue of the water and the easy access invite you to wade in with masks and a snorkel. From the coast, you can descend from the cliff ladder by the shore, where the dive will begin. For diving with tanks, go in perpendicular to the shore until you reach the first two boats. It is preferable to leave the third wreck for boat access, due to the depth and distance it is at. This way we can explore the boats or stop to inspect the sand because angel sharks, manta ray and large stingrays hide there. Always pay attention to the dive computer because you could easily need a decompression stop. 

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Total duration: 2 hours

Area: Puerto del Carmen

Depth: 0 -30 m.

Time: Morning or afternoon

Level: Low

Water temperature: 17º-24º

Access: By land or boat

Visibility: ± 20 m.




Inmersiones Lanzarote pecios del barranco del quiquere

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